Lace Graphene

Name: Lace Graphene
Attributes: No compression, thin cups
Color:  black Purple
Size: 70BC_85BC "Graphene poly energy bra" using graphene fabric made of bra cup surface cloth, graphene fabric made of poly energy bra, with super Far Infrared, automatic release of negative ions, super antibacterial, promote blood circulation, areola red technology
Far Infrared physiotherapy is also a must in major hospitals and beauty shops. Can activate cell vitality, improve blood circulation, enhance the innovation and progress of immunity, anti-inflammatory and detumescence. Laser fiber as a polymer material, bacteria and microorganisms difficult to grow and reproduce on the memory cotton material, so it is believed to have anti-bacterial anti-mite role. When it encounters sweat, saliva and other ingredients, because bacteria and microorganisms are difficult to survive, so there will be no corruption of the stench, so memory cotton has the function of deodorizing.

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Feature: 100% Brand new and high quality.
Hand washable Reusable.
Comfortable to wear. 
Function: push up , bodybuilding shape up , anti - microbico back of body , control extra breasts. Style: side support plunge push up bra. Breasted Type: four row buckles. 
Style: side support plunge push up bra. 
Breasted Type: four row buckles. 

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Lace Graphene

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