[sk2]GENOPTICS extreme light essence 50ml

The GenOptics Polar Complex helps to expose your own shining lights by providing not only noticeable blemishes but also hidden blemishes. It also makes the skin glowed with polar lights2.

This light-use, milky essence spreads easily and is quickly absorbed into the skin. The purpose-built auto-pilot provides the optimum capacity for the best results with a drop.

The purpose-built auto-pilot provides optimum capacity for SK-II results with just a drop.

* Product efficacy

turn on a light switch on one's skin with GenOptics Skin without apparent blemishes, but inside the skin, factors such as ultraviolet (UV) increase the activity of melanin, causing it to rise above the skin's surface and make it look dark and dreary.
But don't worry. The GenOptics collection, created by the more intensely illuminated polar complex, helps reduce this skin defect.
Change skin's destiny by reducing the inner defects and brightening them up in the extreme.

* How to Use

Step 1 - Pump the spindles to relieve the hand for proper amount of use.

Step 2 - Apply it gently to the entire face.

Step 3 - Focus on the dull area.

* Major components

GenOptics Polarization Complex

SK-II's breakthrough whitening technology creates a unique Formula that adds luster to the inner layer of the skin.

Rich vitamins, amino acids, minerals, and organic acids help to take care of your glowing skin.

D-Melano P3C
The special whitening component of SK-II helps to curb blemishes and the production of freckles.

Increase the skin projection.

Frun extract
Antioxidants, vitamins and minerals extracted from plums, help heal skin problems caused by external stimuli.


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[sk2]GENOPTICS extreme light essence 50ml

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