Durian King White Coffee (1@2box)

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Durian is praised by many people as the "king of fruits" in Southeast Asia. The durian is distinguished by its large body, its strong smell, and its strong thorn covering the rice husk. It can grow up to 30 cm (12 inches) long and 15 cm (6 inches) in diameter, and it typically weighs one to three kilograms (2-7 pounds). It looks like an oval and a circle, its shell is green and brown, and its flesh is pale yellow to red, depending on the species.

Malaysia's exclusive first durian white coffee
Choose to enjoy your own luxury coffee.
Malaysian Durian White Coffee - your taste choice.
The selection of natural top quality coffee beans and fine durians, the unique combination of traditional and unique techniques, no added low-temperature baking, unique taste, nutritious, enjoy the taste of the tongue. The combination of sight, smell and taste will put you in the mysterious and unique exotic atmosphere of Malaysia, and you will enjoy your own luxury coffee.
Malaysia's first unique technology
~ 100% top quality coffee original beans are finely ground and smooth.
~ The world's first balanced ester ingredient technology, durian fruit, varying levels, unique taste.
~ No added, no preservatives, no trans fatty acids, no cholesterol, no stomach damage, no fire, low

caffeine content.
Pure color, visual enjoyment
The white coffee is mixed with the light yellow color of the durian, so that the original color is kept lighter and softer than the ordinary coffee. The light milk golden yellow is pure and silky and more attractive.

Durian fragrance, delicate slippery
Smell the world, Malaysia's unique extraction process preserves the essence of durian with only aroma and no taste. For those who dare not eat durian and want to try it is the best choice. The 80-degree water temperature brewing bursts of durian fruit fragrance blends with the rich flavor of top-quality coffee, a supreme smell and taste buds.

Authentic taste, delicious taste
Malaysian durian white coffee, sweet taste is rich in tongue tip, soft sour taste (tannic acid) spreads on both sides of the tongue, close to the middle part of the tongue root, light bitterness (caffeine) in the tongue, so drink durian white Coffee should be smacked and then sipped, so that the mellow mellow can quickly cover the taste buds, in order to feel the resonance and appeal of durian white coffee beyond the sense of stimulation.

Fashion trend
Suitable for anyone who likes to drink coffee, especially for people with low immunity; people who are susceptible to colds; those with tight work rhythms; people who are often tired; people with irregular diets; people who are dieting and body-wearing; people who often eat fast food. A cup of aromatic coffee is in hand, happiness is free to grasp, fashion trends are selected, and the taste of coffee is pursued. Once it was published, it was instantly swept away. It meets the requirements of modern people's health and health, and avoids the hot and hot troubles caused by drinking ordinary coffee. It has become the favorite and gift-giving of Malaysian and Southeast Asian countries, especially young white-collar workers.

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Durian King White Coffee (1@2box)

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